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Entoro is pleased to provide resources for investors and individuals curious about understanding our platform and the dynamic private placement marketplace.

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Process Flows

Get a more in-depth understanding of the Entoro process as it relates to Issuers and Investors. These step-by-step documents help guide users through their interactions with the Entoro Syndication Portal and the Entoro team.

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Onboarding Kit

The Issuer Onboarding Kit is a selection of documents that will assist you in preparing your project for potential investors. Our kit includes the “Issuer Checklist”, which defines all items required for Entoro’s due diligence process. These documents will include your company’s marketing, financial, and technical records. This will enable our Investment Review Committee (IRC) to customize a plan of action for your project, and expedite the time to market.

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Entoro provides resources for energy related businesses seeking capital. We afford these companies fundraising templates such as pitch books, private placement memorandums, and investment overview documents, with the intent of easing the process.

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Keep up with Entoro in the news. Here you can track press releases, news articles and media appearances.

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White Papers

The Entoro research team regularly analyzes industry data including SEC Form D filings, macro-economic/industry specific reports, and publishes white papers. The intention of these reports is to provide information to both issuers and investors ultimately increasing understanding of regulations, financial structures and the energy industry and to cultivate conversation on the disruptive private placement market.

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Stay updated with Entoro’s activities that include networking events, forums, conferences and upcoming media appearances.

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