• Process Overview

    Powering Next Generation Private Capital Markets

  • Initial Review

    Powering Next Generation Private Capital Markets

  • Due Diligence

    Powering Next Generation Private Capital Markets

  • Distribution

    Powering Next Generation Private Capital Markets

  • Investment Process

    Powering Next Generation Private Capital Markets

Process Overview

One Platform, Continuous Deal Flow.

Entoro’s OfferBoard platform connects issuers with investors that have successfully completed our vetting and review process.

Entoro’s utilization of the OfferBoard platform has enabled the removal of the inefficient processes traditionally associated with capital raising and capital deployment.

The OfferBoard platform replaces repetition with standardization, access and functionality for a truly global audience thereby broadening the potential market.

Issuer Onboarding

Entoro encourages companies to apply for listing and initial review to determine if OfferBoard is the best fit for their capital raise. Issuers are taken through a rigorous vetting process to make sure that they meet our investment criteria and standard of due diligence.

Investor Onboarding

Entoro utilizes the OfferBoard platform to engage with investors during the onboarding process. Through the OfferBoard platform, Entoro will ensure all investors comply with suitability, performance, and regulatory requirements.

Investment Banking

Entoro specializes in capital raises, advises on acquisitions and divestitures, provides master broker/dealer services, fairness opinions and asset management.

A fully qualified experienced investment banker is assigned to each project and will be responsible for liaising with an issuer to identify the best financing structure, tailored to the needs of each issuer.

Entoro will ensure necessary due diligence and documentation is prepared to meet the OfferBoard listing standard. Also, Entoro will complete the listing in order to maximize likelihood of funding.


As a leading energy private capital investment bank, Entoro is rooted in the combination of its people and the OfferBoard platform. Entoro’s global distribution is enhanced through its professional capability and Offerboard’s technological efficiency.


Entoro’s OfferBoard is the only 506c platform with a specialized focus on the energy and infrastructure sectors. We are proud to offer our clients a full service investment banking relationship backed by one of the largest accredited investor databases in the industry.

Initial Review & Engagement


Issuers engage with Entoro to introduce a potential investment opportunity for initial review, vetting and acceptance.

To be accepted as an Entoro Capital client, the opportunity must meet the established Entoro Capital criteria and the listing requirements of OfferBoard.

Once the requirements are met and the Entoro investment banking agreement signed, the opportunity is ready for listing on the OfferBoard platform as an Entoro Capital offering.

Due Diligence, Preparation & Packaging


Opportunities are subject to a rigourous due diligence and prepatory process to ensure the listing is informative and reliable.

Our process ensures accredited, qualified investors utilizing the OfferBoard platform are able to review opportunities that fall within their investment criteria.

Distribution & Marketing


Placement on the OfferBoard platform leverages both the human and technological capacities of Entoro.

The platform includes a full set of analytics, allowing for data-driven decision making regarding the offering and its market reception. Our experienced investment bankers can precisely and efficiently focus on both the audience and the proposal.

The human touch is not forgotten. Our relationship managers guide investors through an informed and consultative process regarding Entoro opportunities.

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